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Ep 50. Fleur Chambers - Mindfulness Doesn't Need to be a Chore!

In today's episode Dr Renee White and Dr Micka Bertucci sit down with multi-award winning meditation teacher, Creator of The Happy Habit App, best selling author and philanthropist Fleur Chambers. They discuss how mindfulness doesn't have to be this chore that we 'add' to our already busy lives as mothers. Rather, we can tune into moments in the present to ground ourselves and indulge in some well-deserved self-care. 

With over 2 million downloads in 45 countries, Fleur is helping people say ‘yes’ to their entire lives. She is on a mission to change the way we understand happiness, health and wellbeing. Using her experience of living with chronic pain, she is helping others see that happiness isn’t an imaginary place free of disappointment, regret, insecurity or any other uncomfortable emotion. In contrast, real happiness is the ability to live wholeheartedly alongside our challenges and to learn from them.

Her science-backed and spiritually informed framework for redefining happiness has helped hundreds of thousands of people to face their challenges with a clear head, relaxed body and wise heart.

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