Nourishing organic meals + snacks included in every Postpartum Care offering

What is a postpartum doula?

We are non-medical professionals who care, nurture and listen to mothers with a non-judgemental ear. We strengthen you when you are exhausted, we hold your baby when you need a rest and we nourish you with restorative, warming and hydrating foods.

Are you qualified doulas?

Yes! All FYC Doulas have are graduates of internationally recognised Newborn Mothers Collective, taught by Julia Jones or Australian Doula College.

Why would I choose Fill Your Cup?

FYC is Australia's first biochemist-led Doula Village. Founder, Dr Renee White has a Ph.D in biochemistry and worked as a postdoctoral researcher, attorney and has over 16 years of experience in health and medical information. 

As such she is able to interpret and adapt the latest postpartum research, putting it into practice through our Doula Village specifically for you. We provide non-judgemental support. Guiding you through the highs and lows of engorged boobies, utter exhaustion and talk you through the 'shoulds' and 'should nots' of motherhood.

Our meals are prepared fresh, in your home with the flexibility to cater for you and your family.

Finally, we are mothers. We have been where you are. We understand the struggles and the challenges. And we are there to lend a helping hand, because you deserve it mama!

What areas do you service?

Currently we service a Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Geelong, Bellarine and surrounding suburbs. If you live outside of these zones there is a travel fee. Please contact us at to discuss

Gosh, I love what you’re doing! I want to become a postpartum doula too… where do I start? 

Yay! We love our job too. If you want to have a chat about the profession, we would be more than happy to talk with you. We recommend the Newborn Mothers Collective course with Julia Jones. (Note if you use this link and join the NBC course, we will receive a commission as part of an affiliate program)


In-home Postpartum Care 

I am beyond the ‘Fourth Trimester’ (12 weeks), can I still purchase one of your offerings?

Absolutely mama! Postpartum is for LIFE! We are here to honour, nourish and nurture you at any stage. 

I love the idea of Fill Your Cup, but I can’t find an offering that works for me. Can I make up my own?

Of course. Email us at to organise a chat and we can work out a bespoke offering.

I’ve just had my baby and I need HELP now… am I too late to book?

Absolutely not. We have mamas book us at all stages of postpartum. Contact us at to organise a chat. 

I’m half way through my offering and have fallen in love with you, can I upgrade and keep you longer?

Ahhh shucks! Of course. Pending availability, we can upgrade your plan by just paying the difference. 

I’m nervous about having someone new in my house… can we meet before I sign up?

We highly recommend a meet up before you book. Like any relationship, you need to make sure it’s a good fit. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable with us and vice versa. Book in for a call so we can organise a video chat with a selection of doulas. 

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Our service is very personalised for our mamas and we need to ensure that she is comfortable with a new person entering her house when she has a new baby. With that in mind, we do not offer gift vouchers for our in-home care offerings. Rather, we recommend discussing our service with mama first and organising a chat with one of our doulas. 

Do you cater for vegetarians or vegans?

100%. All of our meals can be adapted to either preference. 

Are your ingredients organic? 

Yes! Our preference is always organic, however in the event that the produce is not to standard we will substitute for the most premium quality product. 

 Is your meat and bone broth free range?

Always. Our beef is grass fed and our chicken and pork is free range. Just like organic, our carefully selected free range producers raise their animals free from added hormones and non-therapeutic antibiotics. We are all about high welfare husbandry and clean, natural farming practices.


Nitty gritty

Do you have a Working with Children check?

Yes, all FYC Doulas have both been approved to work with children

 Do you have a Food Handler’s Certificate?

Yes! We have been trained in correct food handling practices to ensure the food we make for you is safe, nourishing and delicious.

Do you have a payment plan available?

Yes. We understand that bringing a human into this world can cost a lot of money. Have a chat with us during the first meeting to discuss what options are available.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do. Please contact us at to discuss.

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