Nourishing organic meals + snacks included in every Postpartum Care offering

Want to be nurtured and nourished after the birth of your baby?

With more than 16 years in health and medical education, we understand how to replenish, restore and support you in the thick of motherhood. Our Melbourne and Hobart practices focus on evidenced-based postpartum care that is exclusively curated to your needs. And with access to a team of professionally trained FYC doulas, we guarantee continuity of care - the most important factor in positive postnatal outcomes for you, your child and the community

Our Mission

How it started

Two mums, both scientists, one dream.

'Mother the mumma, nurture the nurturer and provide women the opportunity to fall in love with their postpartum experience'

Micka and Renee met whilst completing their PhDs at Monash University. Renee focused on the biochemistry of the immune system, whilst Micka pursued her passion for women's health

They've taken divergent career paths but continued their friendship throughout the years

Their daughters, born almost 365 days apart, sparked a new bond


​From there a new and undiscovered appreciation for mothers and matrescence - the transition of a maiden into a mother

And so, Fill Your Cup was born

Meet the FYC Doula Village

Our Doulas are graduates of internationally recognised training programs from Newborn Mothers Collective and/or the Australian Doula College. FYC Doulas also carry out further training in POSSUMS Neuroprotective Developmental Care for infants and mothers

Professional Training and Memberships


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