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‘Birth is just a snapshot’: Why boutique post-natal services are on the rise

‘Birth is just a snapshot’: Why boutique post-natal services are on the rise

We were recently featured in The Sydney Morning Herald as part of the discussion around the rise of postnatal services in Australia. Showcased alongside HombJunoNurtured medicalBorne and From One Day was such a delight.

Interviewed by Lauren Ironmonger, we spoke about my own postpartum experience and what ultimately led to the birth of Fill Your Cup. 

“I had researched the hell out of pregnancy and thought I was prepared,” she says. “I didn’t even think about postpartum life – I had two batches of spaghetti bolognese in the freezer and thought, I’ve got this.”

Ultimately, the exhaustion and stress from her postpartum experience meant White and her husband decided against having another child. “I had a really, really rough time and I always thought I wanted two children. But after that experience, we were one and done and it broke my heart.”

I said in 2020 that it would take about 3-4 years for this postpartum revolution to really catch on and the momentum has been building. I feel like we are at the precipice of rocketing and it’s here.

And I couldn’t be more excited that we are building more awareness and people are starting to understand the value of investing in life after birth.

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