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Ep 36. Dr Jessica Stokes-Parish - Fake News: How to Distinguish Fact from Fiction on Social Media

Dr Jessica Stokes-Parish is a practicing intensive care nurse and educator, who holds a PhD in Medicine from the University of Newcastle. 

In addition to 10+ years of bedside nursing, her areas of work include exploring educational design for healthcare professionals, quality improvement science for better patient outcomes and advocating for diversity in the health workforce. 

Jess has made it her life's passion and purpose teaching others how do I navigate through health and science information. She's even come up with some fantastic tools I love providing you with tools to determine credibility in science.
In this episode, Dr Renee White chats with Dr Jess about  tools to determine credibility in science, including Jess' very own CRABS framework and how to tackle difficult discussions with loved ones and science!

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