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Ep 42. Dr Melanie Jackson - What you need to know about the Australian Birth System?

In today's episode, Dr Renee White speaks with Dr Melanie Jackson, 'a.k.a Melanie The Midwife' about the Australian Birth System - How we got here? Where did it all go wrong? What you should know before birthing your baby?

Dr Melanie Jackson is a privately practicing midwife living in the Blue Mountains NSW, she also works as a researcher at Western Sydney University, runs 'the great birth rebellion' podcast and spends the rest of her time mentoring midwives to help them move into private practice midwifery. Melanie lives with her husband and two children on their 5 acre farmstead where they grow veggies and tend to goats, chickens, bunnies, quails and their border collie fur baby.

IG and Facebook - @melaniethemidwife 

Podcast: the great birth rebellion

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