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Ep 44. Dr Marion Piper - Post Traumatic Growth and Motherhood

How many times have we heard about birth trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder...but have you heard about post-traumatic growth? Dr Marion Piper walks us through the stages of this phenomenon and how Mothers can 'spiral up' after trauma. 
A bit about Dr Marion:
If you’re looking for practical creativity for big ideas, then Dr Marion Piper is your go-to gal.

As a creativity coach and copywriter, she supports creative entrepreneurs to become their most creative selves so they can communicate their world-changing ideas with confidence and passion.

Marion believes that everyone is creative (yes, even you) and in a world where everyone sounds the same, choosing the right words is the best way to stay out.

Having traveled the world and completed a swag of degrees (including a PhD), Marion is here to inspire you to stop imitating everyone else and start using your own voice FOR REAL.

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