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Ep 56. Dr Hazel Keedle - Dehumanized, Violated, and Powerless: Obstetric Violence Experiences of Australian Women

Today's episode is a bit of a heavy one. Dr Renee White is chatting with Dr Hazel Keedle about her 2022 publication detailing the obstetric violence experiences of women in Australia. Three key features came out of the study, the feeling of being dehumanized, violated and powerless. Listen in to hear more about how Dr Keedle devised and analysed the study and what the next steps are in her research.

Dr Hazel Keedle, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer of Midwifery at The School of Nursing and Midwifery, Western Sydney University. Hazel has more than two decades of experience as a clinician in nursing and midwifery, educator and researcher. Hazel’s research interests are vaginal birth after caesarean, birth trauma and maternity experiences explored primarily using feminist mixed methodologies. Hazel's work is recognised nationally and internationally, with many invited conference and seminar presentations including, academic publications and a book for women based on her PhD findings ‘Birth after Caesarean: Your Journey to a Better Birth’. Hazel is the lead researcher on the largest maternity experiences survey, The Birth Experience Study.

Read the study on Obstetric Violence
Learn more about Dr Hazel Keedle
Buy Dr Hazel Keedle's Book: Birth After Caesarean

If this topic is triggering for you and need to reach out to someone, you can call Lifeline: 131114
PANDA: 1300 726 306

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