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Ep 58. Lael Stone and Dr Marion Rose - How to Raise Resilient and Compassionate Children

Lael Stone and Dr Marion Rose talk about their new book: Raising Resilient and Compassionate Children. We deep dive into Aware Parenting, How to bring balance back into your child's life and Where to Start when you are in the thick of parenthood. 

Lael Stone is a childbirth educator, TedX speaker, Doula, Calmbirth® Practitioner, Postnatal trauma Counsellor and Aware Parenting practitioner. Her philosophy is centralised around creating wellness in families through education, connection and communication.  

Marion has been studying psychology and consciousness since 1987 and has a PhD on postnatal depression and the mother-infant relationship from Cambridge University. She researched infant development as a post-Doctoral Research Fellow and taught MA students, as well working as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist.

Marion has been practicing Aware Parenting since 2002 and is the mother of a daughter and a son. She has been an Aware Parenting instructor since 2005 and is a Level Two instructor and the Regional Coordinator for Australia and New Zealand.

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