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Ep 63. Professor Hayden Homer - How to get on the front foot of fertility with endometriosis

Ep 63. Professor Hayden Homer - How to get on the front foot of fertility with endometriosis

In today's episode Professor Hayden Homer, specialist in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, as well as a fertility sub-specialist, discusses:

  • What is endometriosis?
  • What are the clinical symptoms of endometriosis and why does it take so long to diagnose?
  • The effects of a delayed diagnosis
  • How endometriosis can effect your fertility journey.

A bit more about Professor Hayden Homer:

  • He also directs Queensland’s first and only research laboratory dedicated to studying the fertility of eggs.
  • Professor Homer has over 20 years’ experience in infertility and gynaecology, he is accredited by the Royal Colleges in Australia & New Zealand (FRANZCOG) and in the UK (MRCOG).
  • He has the unique distinction of also holding an advanced accreditation in Fertility and Reproductive Surgery in both Australia & New Zealand (CREI) as well as the UK (CCSST).
  • He has a PhD in fertility research from the UK and holds a Professorship in Reproductive Medicine at the University of Queensland, where he directs research aimed at developing innovative technologies for improving ageing egg quality.
  • Professor Homer combines an extensive clinical track-record with a deep understanding of the basic biology underpinning fertility and infertility.
  • He strongly believes that the best chance of pregnancy success comes from highly individualised treatment planning, to maximize success rates.

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