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Ep 72. Melanie Nolan - Tips on How to Kick Your Iron Deficiency

Ep 72. Melanie Nolan - Tips on How to Kick Your Iron Deficiency

In this episode, Dr Renee White interviews Melanie Nolan of The Natal Naturopath about tips to address iron deficiency. They discuss the importance of early detection and prevention, highlighting the negative outcomes associated with anemia during pregnancy, such as postpartum depression, low birth weight, and placental complications.

The Natal Naturopath 's goal is to improve the quality of pre & post-natal care.

Founded by Melanie Nolan in 2018, The Natal Naturopath is a collective of qualified, Australian naturopaths who have a  specific interest in the health of women and mothers. 

Melanie is deeply passionate about closing the huge gap between baby care and mother-care, that so many mamas fall through. After needing iron supplements herself, Melanie saw that none quite did what she needed them to do - slow absorption, poor ingredient forms and constipation were just some of the letdowns. And to get better supplements, most people need a practitioner's prescription. Melanie knew it was time to up-level women’s pre and post-natal health care. This is why they have a huge resources page, and practitioners ready to help women in their health.

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