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Episode 12. Meg Stockhammer - Preparing for Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum through Movement

Meg is a Physio, Mum to 3-month-old Akira, and the face behind Hey Mama Physio, a practice and movement studio dedicated to pre and postnatal Mamas. 

She has keen thirst for knowledge, is a nerd for scientific evidence, and has a passion for integrating that information into choices and lifestyle in simple and realistic ways. This is not only how she works clinically as a Physio, but is the basis of how she approached decision making during her own pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and now motherhood.

Meg also has a big passion for helping women approach pregnancy and postpartum holistically and openly, encouraging conversations about all things including mental health, family dynamics, and pelvic floor issues including incontinence, pain and return to sex. 

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