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Episode 13. Dr Pamela Douglas (POSSUMS) - Normalising Cry/Fuss Babies and Turning the Sleep and Baby Feeding Industry On It's Head

Dr Pamela Douglas is the founder of the non-profit Possums for Mothers and Babies and authour of the internationally renowned book, The Little Discontented Baby Book in which she beautifully illustrates through evidenced based research how and why it is normal for babies to cry/fuss in the first 16 weeks of life.

Pam has worked as an Australian general practitioner since 1987, with particular interests in sexual health, women’s health, and mental health. She is an Associate Professor (adjunct) with the Centre for Maternity Newborn and Families Research Centre MHIQ, Griffith University, a Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of General Practice at The University of Queensland.  

Over the past 15 years Pam has, with various teams, developed and published the pioneering evidence-base for Neuroprotective Developmental Care, or 'the Possums programs'. 

Her PhD employs both narrative and analytic approaches to examine women’s experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the early years of parenting.

Pam is blessed with six adult children and stepchildren, and many very precious grandchildren.

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