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Episode. 16 Professor Hannah Dahlen - Long Term Effects of Unnecessary Induction of Labour in Low Risk Mothers

In this episode we discuss the longitudinal data Professor Hannah Dahlen and colleagues from South Australia, UK and Netherlands elucidated when researching the long term effects of induction of labour of low risk mothers. The study included over 470,000 participants and collated data from over 16 years post-birth, which is the first of its kind. 

Hear how Prof. Dahlen developed the study, critically analysed the results and what is next to come from her research team. 

Hannah Dahlen is Professor of Midwifery, Associate Dean Research and HDR and Midwifery Discipline Lead in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Western Sydney University. Hannah is a leading midwifery researcher in Australia, with an international reputation as an outstanding midwifery scholar. This is demonstrated through publication of over 200 papers and book chapters, despite only being an active researcher for the past 10 years and maintaining clinical practice. Hannah has given papers at over 100 conferences and seminars since in the past 5 years with half of these being invited national and international keynote addresses.

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