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Episode 20. Cherie Chugg - Tasmania's Leading Calm Birth Educator Shares Her Top Tips for Birth Preparation

Greetings from Tasmania! Today I chat with Tasmania's one and only CalmBirth educator, Cherie Chugg.

Cherie began as a doula but quickly identified that supporting women as a doula was not enough. She wanted to reach a wider group of people and wanted to teach more couples about how to be prepared for childbirth.  Cherie knew from her own personal experience that having an understanding of what was going to be happening in her own body helped eliminate any fears around childbirth. 

She was fortunate enough to have an amazing midwife that spent time with her every month explaining and teaching  the things Cherie needed to know to prepare  for birth.  Cherie also had people beside her that understood what was going on and they could support, encourage and believe in her through the process. Calmbirth teaches this, it gives the women & her partner the knowledge they need to feel calm during the preparation time and the tools for when the time comes.

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