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Episode 22. Dr Nikki Mills - Tongue Ties - To Snip or Not to Snip?

Episode 22. Dr Nikki Mills - Tongue Ties - To Snip or Not to Snip?

On today's show Dr Nikki Mills and I explore the world of tongue ties. One of the most hotly debated topics in the newborn babies arena, Dr Mills is an ENT and specialist in the area having recently published several seminal papers discovering the true anatomical structure of the frenulum.

Nikki discusses the complexity of the tongue tie and why we have seen an increased rate of over 400% of frenotomies occur here in Australia alone. 

Dr Nikki Mills is a Paediatric ENT Consultant, who worked at Starship Children’s Hospital (New Zealand’s national children’s hospital) for 11 years, specialising in paediatric airway and swallowing disorders. She is now working in Nelson in the South Island of N. Nikki has a particular clinical interest in supporting mothers and infants having difficulty breastfeeding and is an IBCLC. Nikki recently completed a PhD on “The Functional Anatomy of Sucking and Swallowing in Breastfeeding Infants” that included research on ankyloglossia and she has numerous publications relation to this topic. 


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