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Episode 30. Hannah Clark - Baby-Led Sleep Approach: Shaking Up the Sleep Training Culture

Hannah is a mum of two and certified Sleep Specialist living in lutruwita/Tasmania. 

She started Kin Postpartum because after a challenging first run in motherhood. Her first-born spent the first twelve months of his life pretty much waking hourly. Yes, hourly. 

Nearly. Every. Single. Night.

Looking down the barrel of returning to work and feeling like she was at breaking point, she booked a consult with a sleep consultant who she knew was an advocate for sleep training but who had beautiful words like ‘gentle’, ‘soothing’, and ‘respectful of co-sleeping’ on her website and socials.  Turns out spaced soothing is controlled crying, and it was not gentle or responsive.  It was just distressing. 

 She knew that there was a reason why he wasn’t sleeping. Leaving him to sit with his distress and limiting how & when she could respond went against every instinct she had as a mother, and it went against everything she knew wanted to be as a mother - an intentional, responsive parent who treated her beautiful baby as the wonderfully unique little human that he is.

So, she threw ‘conventional wisdom’ out the window and went to work on the research. 

She trained as a Baby Led Sleep & Wellbeing Specialist with Isla Grace, and has made it her mission to empower parents to trust their instincts and parent like the (responsive) boss that they are.


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