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Episode 9. Dr Siobhan Kennedy-Costantini - Strategies for kids in COVID lockdown, childcare anxiety and effects of masks on infant development

Siobhan is mother, a scientist and an advocate for parents and families. She helps Science Minded parents, become more informed, giving you the confidence to make choices that feel right for you and your family.
Siobhan holds a PhD in Child Developmental Psychology and has spent the last 10 years working closely with infants and families to understand all she can about children's social and cognitive development. After having a child of her own and engaging with mother's groups and online forums she noticed there was a lack of evidence-based information readily available for the Science Minded parent.She started Science Minded to bridge this gap and connect parents who are open to learning about their child and themselves. Knowledge is power, and being informed allows us to be confident in our decisions, parent without reservation and better connect with our families.


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