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Birth Classes: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Birth Classes: Choose Your Own Adventure!

If you're perusing the FYC Village Blog, then we are going to put a $50 on the fact that you've game planned your best postpartum, but how are you going in the labour and birthing department?

If your answer is, ‘Hon, I got this!’ Then maybe you can stop reading, but you may also learn some interesting facts, tips and exercises to get your mind and body primed for birth. 

If you haven’t prepped for your labour, never fear - we got you Mama!

Here are some of our favourite people and organisations to connect with to gear up for the big event!

Online Birthing Classes

Bernadette Lack - Core and Floor Restore

B is a midwife, personal trainer, wife, mother and published author and an absolute superstar at teaching women how to birth. She has FREE, yes, free pre recorded antenatal classes online which will guide you and your partner through labour, birth and breastfeeding. The 8 part series covers early labour, active labour, hormones in labour and non-pharmacological pain management techniques. 

You can also listen to B chat with Renee on The Science of Motherhood Podcastabout birth, labour and getting reacquainted with our vulvas and village!


Group Classes (typically Face to Face)

If you’re looking for something face to face and/or an opportunity to ask further questions, then a group scenario may work for you and your partner. Here are a couple of our favs. 


CalmBirth - Want to know more? Listen to Cherie Chugg, Calm Birth educator from Launceston, Tasmania walked Renee through what CalmBirth is and her top tips for birth preparation




One on One Classes (in your home)

And then there is the bespoke service, My Own Birth run by Tess and Sarah who are practicing registered midwives and nurses. These ladies and their team provide an individualised antenatal class in the comfort of your own home where you can develop your own ideas and wishes for your ideal labour and birth. 

Want a sneak peek? Listen to Tess and Sarah chat with Renee on The Science of Motherhood Podcast



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