Nourishing organic meals + snacks included in every Postpartum Care offering

In-home Postpartum Care

What to expect with an FYC Doula?

In each 3 hour session we make you delicious nutrient-rich meals, fold that stack of washing, settle your baby while you rest and lend a non-judgmental ear when you've had a tough night.

We provide feeding guidance, emotional and practical support, head/shoulder rub, light housework, birth debrief and/or baby-wearing while you rest.

Are you ready to be nourished?

Our evidence-based menu is designed to nourish and strengthen you during the Fourth trimester. As the weeks progress, the menu is curated to your specific needs with a focus on nutrient-dense foods that promote the love hormone, oxytocin. Our meals are warm, restorative and assist in promoting better breastfeeding outcomes for you and your baby.

Main meals may include: Hunter chicken stew; Slow-cooked pork tacos + pineapple salsa; nourishing ginger fried rice. At least one vegetarian/vegan option each week. 

Our sweeties may include: Choc + Goji lactation cookies, gooey chocolate brownies, pear + pecan loaf. 

​We source premium quality ingredients, organic where possible. In each postpartum session your FYC Doula will prepare a nourishing main meal (3-4 serves) and snack (4-5 serves) from our FYC Mama Menu. All meals included in package (no scary invoices later!)

If you want to to kick that postnatal depletion to the curb and be treated like a Queen after the birth of your bambino, book a chat below

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