Nourishing organic meals + snacks included in every Postpartum Care offering

What To Expect

Curious about how you are going to juggle it all? From those precious first moments filled with sleep-deprived cuddles to navigating feeding, visitors, furry friends, playful toddlers, and most importantly, nurturing yourself?

Join hands with Fill Your Cup's remarkable lead doula, a nurturing mother herself, and esteemed Director, Dr. Renee White. With over 16 years of expertise in health and medical education, Dr. White is your guiding light into a thriving Fourth Trimester. Her wisdom has graced the pages of Body + Soul, and her insights have been shared on MamaMia's Podcast - Hello, Bump!

Embark on a 2-hour online postpartum planning session that's tailored just for you. Discover the art of laying a strong foundation for a successful feeding journey. Uncover the secrets of carving out precious moments for rest and rejuvenation. Learn how to weave the magical Village everyone raves about, and equip yourself to gracefully handle the rollercoaster of newborn experiences. Let this journey take you from those initial moments of "Wow, this is a lot!" to the empowering stance of "I've got this, baby!"

Your journey into motherhood is about to get even more incredible – let's prepare together for the joys that lie ahead!

What To Expect

Experience unparalleled postpartum indulgence with Fill Your Cup's bespoke in-home care by expert postpartum doulas.

In a serene three-hour session, relish a nourishing homecooked meal, expertly curated postpartum snacks, and the luxury of a helping hand – allowing you to recharge with a well-deserved nap while we lovingly attend to your baby.

From laundry assistance to tidying up, we ensure a pristine space awaits you, complemented by a soothing cup of tea. Whether it's a thoughtful gift for a new mom or a perfect baby-shower surprise, our personalized care offers both practical assistance and heartwarming support. Elevate your postpartum journey with this exceptional in-home experience – book your moment of pampering today.

What To Expect

Elevate your postpartum experience with FYC's exclusive in-home care package, meticulously designed to nurture and nourish new mothers during this transformative phase. This comprehensive package offers a 2-hour personalized postpartum planning session and 6 separate 3-hour in-home postpartum sessions, guided by your dedicated and expertly trained FYC doula.

Enjoy homecooked meals from our curated FYC Mama menu, prepared fresh in your home, providing sustenance for both body and soul.

Experience holistic support tailored to your needs as you embrace motherhood. Beyond assisting with feeding and tidying your home, your doula will create space for you to rest and provide a compassionate ear for the emotional journey of motherhood.

With voice and message access to your doula between sessions, you're never alone in this beautiful phase. Embrace the transformative power of FYC's in-home care – book now for a nurturing and confident postpartum journey.

What To Expect

Experience the pinnacle of postpartum support with Fill Your
Cup's Fourth Trimester package! This comprehensive offering encompasses a 2-hour postpartum planning session, laying the foundation for a confident and harmonious post-birth journey. Be treated like a Queen during 10 separate 3-hour in-home postpartum sessions, each thoughtfully guided by your skilled FYC Doula.

Elevate your nourishment with our thoughtfully curated FYC Mama menu. In each session and prepared fresh within the comfort of your home, you will receive nourishing homecooked meals and snacks, curate to replenish both your body and soul.

Your doula will provide holistic support, including feeding, opportunity for rest, tidying your home, and lending a non-judgemental ear during the emotional ride of motherhood's rollercoaster. Between sessions, stay connected with voice and message access to your doula, ensuring unwavering
support throughout every step of this remarkable journey.

What makes FYC different?

Put simply, our scientific knowledge and experience! {You only have to read our testimonials below} Fill Your Cup is Australia's only science and evidenced-based led Doula Village. All FYC Doulas undergo training in postpartum nutrition, maternal mental health, infant sleep, feeding and mood. 

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