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Life After Birth Workshop (Hobart) 7 September 2024

Worried about what life might look like after bubba arrives?

How are you going to juggle it all? Sleep deprivation, feeding, visitors, pets, toddlers and self-care?

Dr Renee White, Founder of Australia’s first doula village, Fill Your Cup and mother will walk you through how to game plan for life after birth. Dr White has over 16 years of experience in health and medical education and has been featured in Sydney Morning Herald, Body + Soul and MamaMia's Podcast - Hello, Bump!

In your 2 1/2 hour postpartum planning session you will be educated about how to prepare for a successful feeding journey, how to create time and space for rest, how to build that Village that everyone talks about and prepare for the ups and downs of newborn life. Taking you from "Holy guacamole" to "Baby, I got this!"

What's included:

  • 2 1/2 hour in-person group session
  • Fill Your Cup postpartum planning guide
  • Morning tea
  • Access to our 'Little Peach Book' which includes resources on nutrition, recipes, how to transition toddlers, relationships and details of our most trusted healthcare professionals (Lactation consultants, pelvic floor physios and sleep specialists). 

Why choose to work with me?

Put simply, I've done the research (personally and professionally) so you don't have to. Good-bye Google rabbit-hole, Hello evidenced-based information and lived experience.

I've worked with dozens of families, guiding them through pregnancy and postpartum. Solo mamas, traditional families, same sex couples, breastfed, bottle-fed, mixed fed and everything in between. 

I am a fierce champion of creating a Village for mothers and their families to thrive in their postpartum. I believe that once mothers are properly cared for, so are their babies, and the ripple effect into the community is invaluable.

Who should attend?

Pregnant people (at any stage)! Partner or birth support person is highly encouraged to join the session.


$50 per couple


Next session:

Saturday 7th September 2024 1pm-3:30pm

St Luke’s Hobart

72 Elizabeth St, Hobart


        Who is doula support for?

        Don't have family close by or your partner has limited parental leave? We are here to step in as your Village and be the steady hand that guides you back to yourself, ensuring you feel nurtured, informed and empowered so you can fully embrace the joy of motherhood with confidence.

        Fill Your Cup works across Melbourne, Sydney, Geelong, Hobart and Newcastle to nurture and nourish sleep-deprived and overwhelmed families with in-home care so they feel rested and happy so they can bond with their newborn babies. 

        I’ve found an offering I like, what happens next?

        Excellent! Using the contact form below, enter your details and we will book in a time to discuss how we can curate your offering specifically to your needs.

        We will then facilitate interviews with our professionally trained doulas to work out who you vibe with best.

        And then you will start your journey into motherhood feeling confident, calm, nurtured and nourished.

        Ready to be treated like a Queen?


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        Looking forward to speaking with you.

        Renee xo

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