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Every Newborn Mother Needs This Item

Every Newborn Mother Needs This Item

Very rarely do we recommend products for our FYC Mamas, we believe every mama and babies journey is unique and therefore the MUST HAVES are just not going to fit for everyone. 

BUT, there is one product that we suggest for our Mamas, something tried, tested and tested again. A product which has lifelong functionality, not something you will be selling off on Facebook Marketplace in 3 months time. 

Behold, the Mama Trolley.

Raskog Ikea Trolley

Well, IKEA and Target don’t call it the Mama Trolley, but we’ve renamed it. 


Why Do We Love It?

Firstly, it’s on wheels! Which means you can wheel her all over the house, lounge, bedroom, bathroom…. Wherever you need her to go. 

Secondly, No heavy lifting (thank you pelvic floor), no multiple nappy stations, no multiple feeding stations. 

And most importantly, no cursing because you’ve left your phone charger in the other room and you’re nap trapped under a child that is milk drunk and finally settled. Phew!

How Do I Use it?

Well, you’re going to handball the flatpack to your partner or FYC Doula to whip up. Then stock her with all your most needed things. 

Top: Snacks, water bottle, book, phone, charger, laptop, medication, nipple shield, moisturizer, lip gloss

Middle: Breast pads, sanitiser, more snacks, nipple balm, tissues, dummy, wipes. 

Bottom: nappies, clothes, cloths, milk saver. 


Here’s the Winner…

When you’re feeding days have concluded, you can restock the trolley with either books, toys or craft items for your little one. 

To this day, I still have my trolley. These days it’s stacked with paper, pens, paint, pipe cleaners and plenty of memories. 

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