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Your 6 Week Check-Up

Your 6 Week Check-Up

Congratulations Mama, you’re at the 6 week mark!

This is typically a huge milestone placed on mothers, a time where evidently we can all ‘get back to it’ and we can return to ‘regular programming’. But let me assure you that, it’s not always the case. 

Whilst your bubba may have penciled in a shopping list of appointments with the maternal child health nurse, GP and/or paediatrician, mama’s are often only afforded a single ‘6-week’ follow up appointment and sent on their merry way. So let’s talk about the type of care and observations you should be looking for from your Village of Health Professionals. 

  • Tissue Healing.Whether you had a c-section or episiotomy, your GP / OB should be looking to make sure your wound is free from infection and healing well
  • Breastfeeding should be enjoyable at this stage with minimal pain. If you are still experiencing nipple pain or continuous bouts of mastitis or any other discomfort, please engage an IBCLC lactation consultant.
  • Book in with a pelvic floor physio (an accredited one!) Incontinence is not the norm after having a bubba, despite what mainstream media may have us believe, and a good physio can start to support you with gentle exercises and/or movements to begin building your strength back. 
  • Bloods. In the coming months, once your hormones have begun to normalise, it is always useful to get some blood work done to check where your iron, DHA, thyroid function etc are at. 
  • Mental Health. And of course we need to always check-in with our mindset. If you’re unsure where you are at, please feel free to take the free online Mental Health Check from PANDA. Completing the checklist will help you to better understand what you are experiencing, and assist you to get help if needed.

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