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How Do I Choose the Right Doula for Me?

How Do I Choose the Right Doula for Me?

Fill Your Cup has birth and postpartum doulas located in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Geelong and Hobart. 

One of the questions I get asked most often is, how do I choose the right doula for me?

Unfortunately, this is one of the trickiest questions that I come across because there is no hard and fast rule to this.

Your birth and postpartum is going to be a truly unique experience for you, your partner and your baby. So equally the doula who is right for you, is going to be very different to someone who would be right for your best friend.

 With all that said, there are a few key things that I look for when shortlisting doulas for our families. For example, if you have a history of mental health challenges, miscarriages, need assistance with setting boundaries, there a particular doulas who specialize in these areas, and therefore I would suggest pairing you with. 

We also look at your family dynamic, location and temperament of person (extravert vs introvert) who would fit nicely into your household. 

But ultimately it comes down to a feeling and trusting your gut, which is why we always conduct our interviews via video chat. This way you can get to know your doula before you commit to the service. Once you have landed on your choice of doula, your care starts straight away at Fill Your Cup. We don't wait around until you've had your baby... No, no no!  

Similar to a midwife or OB, you have access to your doula and Lead doula and Director, Dr. Renee White throughout your pregnancy and postpartum package. You can ask questions, get referral or just have a good ol' rant if you need to. We've got your back (and your bump) each step of the way. 

Dr Renee White xo

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